is our passion. This is the style

we orbit.

give us the chance to create new sounds by using different

types of music.

are our favorite way to combine tracks from all over the decades. Those tracks had a heavy impact on us and they still do

About Us

Jules Francis and DJ LooK teamed up to combine their individual knowledge and experience in order to serve the best of club music from now and the former decades.

Not important whether the tracks they use are real classics or brand new – with their own style and the help of remixes, etc. they are able to get almost every track ready for the dancefloor.

The differences that exist in their way of mixing and in their taste of music create something extremely fresh and new. While one of them is an expert in the genre house and has experience of many years in many of the subgenres, the other one is capable of bringing together many different types of music to create a harmonic mix.

Jointly the both DJs from the area of Erlangen offer the best for every event.

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Jules Francis and DJ LooK




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